Emission control technologies and programs for heavy-duty diesel vehicle fleets in North America




Lindhjem, C
Chan, L-M
Souten, D

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This paper reviews the technology and issues associated with targeted programs to reduce emissions from diesel powered vehicles and equipment. Many local areas are interested in reducing diesel emissions beyond or in a shorter time frame than Federal programs provide with normal fleet turnover. Emission programs typically target either nitrogen oxide (for ozone reduction) or particulate (for ambient fine paniculate or toxics reduction) emissions reductions, because applicable technologies usually focus on one or the other. The emission reduction technologies reviewed here include fuel measures, engine replacement, engine retrofit, new power source technologies, and activity reductions. The programs reviewed include Federal agencies (Department of Transportation, Department of Energy, and the Environmental Protection Agency), State programs (California, Texas, and New York), local agencies (South Coast or Los Angeles area, Bay Area-San Francisco, San Joaquin Valley, Sacramento, Houston-Galveston, and Puget Sound-Seattle\Tacoma), and marine ports (Los Angeles and Oakland).


pgs. 5321-5345


air pollution, diesel engines, environmental protection, nitrogen oxides, ozone, particulate emissions, transportation