Suspended-sediment load of Texas streams.




Dougherty, P.E.

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Results of suspended-sediment load measurements at permanent observation points for the 1972 through 1975 water years are tabulated. Thirty-nine suspended sampling stations were operated during this period. Records are provided for 2 sites in the Red River Basin, 2 in the Sulphur River Basin, 1 in the Sabine River Basin, 4 in the Neches River Basin, 5 in the Trinity River Basin, 1 in the San Jacinto River Basin, 10 in the Brazos River Basin, 5 in the Colorado River Basin, 2 in the Lavaca River Basin, 2 in the Guadalupe River Basin, 2 in the San Antonio River Basin, and 3 in the Nueces River Basin. Information provided includes net drainage area; location; record period; streamflow in acre-feet; suspended-sediment load of stream in tons, tons/in2, and acre-feet; and dry sediment in percent by weight. A summary table shows maximum, minimum, and average annual suspended-sediment transport passing each gaging point for a total period in full water years.


82 p.


sediments, resuspended sediments