General considerations prerequisite to further Galveston Bay shell removal.




Hill, F.R.
Masch, F.D., Jr.

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University of Texas at Austin, Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory, Center for Research in Water Resources, and Department of Civil Engineering


Research was undertaken to determine the general factors that should be considered in analyzing the value of the remaining oyster shell in Galveston Bay. The shell has value, in the present reef form, for recreation, oyster production, shore protection and, possibly, circulation control. When dredged from the bay, shell has value for industrial purposes and construction material and is an important element in the economy of the Houston-Galveston area. An analysis of these various factors has been made to the extent that available information will allow. Also included are general evaluations of oyster shell transplanting, artificial reef construction, and the potential of limestone as a substitute resource for shell. General estimates of costs, values and benefits of the various elements are presented.


50 p.


shells, oysters, reefs, oyster reefs