Texas Alligator Survey, Harvest, Nuisance Alligator and Research Summary Annual Report, 1992.




Cooper, A.
Sutherlin, J.
Brownlee, B.

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Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Fisheries and Wildlife Division


The Texas alligator program continued with its harvest and farming activities during 1992. Annual harvest decreased to 1,562 alligators taken in 16 counties. Hunters experienced a poor market year for hides taken in texas and marketing of alligator meat continued to expand through 1991. Night count and aerial nest surveys continue to indicate stable to slightly increasing populations, but revealed a need ror refinement of survey methods and understanding of habitat type boundnaries and characteristics. TPWD employees and nuisance control hunters continued to respond to nuisance alligator calls, utilizing both live capture and lethal take. The first scheduled harvest of farm alligators in Texas took place in 1988. The first scheduled egg collection from wild alligator nests by validated egg collectors was scheduled for 1989, however egg collection from wild alligator nests did not take place because of excessive rainfall and nest flooding. Egg collection of alligator nests on private lands occurred in 1990, 1991 and 1992.


27 p.


aerial surveys, alligators, report literature, economic resources, environmental management, data collections, biological surveys