Selected Bibliography of Recent Subsidence Studies



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University of Colorado Natural Hazards Research and Applications Information Center


The selections in this bibliography mostly date from 1975 to the present. No attempt has been made to prepare a comprehensive coverage on subsidence studies, however the materials here represent many of the recent important documents and studies on the subject. Citations are grouped into three categories. The first two treat subsidence due to the extraction of solids and of fluids or gases from the earth. The third category is more or less a catch-all for studies dealing with topics such as natural subsidence, compaction, and bibliographies or conference proceedings. The compiler, incidentally, does not pretend to be an earth scientist and apologizes for any citation that appears to be misplaced to the professional eye. The citations arrived in a bewildering variety of formats. Because of the severe time constraint, no attempt was made to rationalize them into a consistent format. The arrangement that appears here follows NHRAIC's usual practice of citing bibliographic entries by issuing agency/corporate author, or personal author if a periodical or book. Much of the material was drawn from Government Reports and Announcements (the NTIS catalog), Water Resources Abstracts, New Publications of the U.S. Geological Survey, and the Water Resources Research Catalog. In addition, a number of people were contacted about recent subsidence sutdies being performed by their respective agencies. Their prompt and courteous cooperation added considerable material to the bibliography, for which a generous thank-you is offered.


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