Procedures for Prediction of Consolidation in Soft Fine-Grained Dredged Material



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United States Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station


The report studies refining the procedures for calculation of one-dimensional consolidation behavior of very soft fine-grained dredged material. Both the conventional small strain theory of consolidation, which requires linear or constant soil properties, and the more general finite strain theory, which provides for nonlinear soil properties, are presented. Implications of the simplifying assumptions necessary in practical application of the theories are discussed and the general finite strain theory is shown to be superior. This report concludes that the nondimensional finite strain solutions offer more realistic estimates of soft fine-grained material consolidation than similar small strain solutions and that the procedure proposed for multiple lifts is applicable to field problems. The report recommends the use of given finite strain solutions and procedures for prediction of consolidation behavior of fine-grained dredged material deposited in confined disposal areas.


152 pages


soft soils, fine grained soils, consolidation (soils), computer programs, dredged material