Benthic biomass in the Pisco, Peru upwelling

Rowe, Gilbert T.
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Quantitative benthic samples were taken off Peru in and adjacent to the Pisco upwelling in an attempt to assess the effects of extremes in productivity and dissolved oxygen on the distribution of biomass (organic cabon). The macrofauna was combused to organic carbon (less the carbonate fraction) to allow direct comparisons with the production of organic carbon at the surface and its distribution in the water column and sediments. Similar techniques were employed in the Gulf of Mexico previously (Rowe and Menzel, 1970), and it is hoped comparisons of the two sets of data contrasting regions of low and high proudctivity will give some insights into the nature of the movement of organic energy from its source through the water column to the bottom.

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benthic biomass, Pisco upwelling, dissolved oxygen
Rowe, Gilber T. 1971. "Benthic biomass in the Pisco, Peru upwelling". Investigacion Pesquera 35 no. 1: 127-135.