Linkages between environmental outputs and human services




Cole, Richard A., John B. Loomis, Timothy D. Feather,and Donald T. Capan

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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Institute for Water Resources


This report was prepared under the Monetary and other Valuation Techniques work unit of the USACE Evaluation of Environmental Investments Research Program. Overall, the objectives of the work unit are to: (1) identify relevant socioeconomic use and nonuse values associated with environmental projects; (2) improve the linkages between environmental output measures and necessary inputs for socioeconomic evaluation; (3) develop, test, and provide guidance with regard to monetary and nonmonetary evaluation techniques; and (4) develop a greater understanding of the decision processes of USACE environmental project stakeholders. This report addresses the first two objectives by answering the question: What are the possible changes in the ecosystem that may result from USACE environmental mitigation and restoration projects, and what outputs and service do these changes provide society? The report includes a suite of tables which link USACE management options, to ecological inputs, to ecological outputs, and then finally to human services. Also, indirect effects of management options are identified.


150 pgs.


environmental restoration, environmental planning, ecology, environmental valuation, water resources, engineering, wetland ecology, wetlands, ecosystem management