Habitat availability and utilization by benthos and nekton in Hall's Lake and West Galveston Bay




Minello TJ
Webb JW
Zimmerman RJ
Wooten RB
Martinez JL
National Marine Fisheries Serv. GTUGL

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Barrier islands protect much of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway (GIWW) from the erosional wave energy of West Galveston Bay. In the area of Hall's Lake, these islands have been worn away, and a narrow isthmus of land separating the lake from West Bay is threatened. The shoreline of Hall's Lake consists of salt marsh vegetation, and destruction of the habitat may result in the loss of valuable fishery and wildlife resources. Rebuilding of the barrier islands to reduce shoreline erosion, however, will destroy and alter open-water habitats in West Bay. The objective of the baseline study was to determine the extent and distribution of the various habitat types present in the Hall's Lake area and measure relative use of these habitats by fishery species and other estuarine fauna




ASW,USA,Texas,Hall's L., ASW,USA,Texas,Galveston Bay, barrier islands, baseline studies, Benthos, Coast defences and harbor works, coastal erosion, Coastal lagoons, Distribution, Environmental impact, Environmental protection, Fisheries, Fishery resources, Galveston Bay, habitat, habitats, land reclamation, natural resources, Nekton, O 4090 Conservation and Environmental Protection, Q1 01463 Habitat community studies, Q2 02321 General, Q2 02327 General, Q5 01521 Mechanical and natural changes, Q5 01522 Protective measures and control, Salt marshes, shore protection, vegetation, wave energy, zoobenthos