Natural Hazards, Local, National, Global 70.W45 1974 GBAY
dc.creatorWhite, Gilbert F.
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dc.description.abstractThe findings presented in this volume grow out of collaborative research among geographers and investigatos in related disciplines in more than 23 countries over a period of 6 years. Workers in 15 countries have carried out roughly parallel investigations, using a variety of methods and arriving at conclusions that are at times more divergent than convergent. The studies presenting in the following pages speak for themselves in outlining problems of methodology and in indicating the main lines of conclusions. It may be helpful, however, to introduce them by reviewing the origin and aims of the collaborative investigations, defining a few of the concepts commonly employed in the investigations, and pointing out the broader implications of this work for public policy formation at local, regional, national, and international levels.en
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dc.titleNatural Hazards, Local, National, Globalen