Liquid phase methanation/shift pilot plant operation and laboratory support work. Final report, July 1, 1976- November 30, 1978.




Chemistry Systems, Incorporated, New York

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Chemistry Systems Incorporated


The LPM Pilot Plant construction was completed in Texas City, Texas and shipped to the Institute of Gas Technology HYGAS Pilot Plant in Chicago, Illinois. The unit was reassembled and installed. Operations at IGT included seven runs totaling 2347 hours of on-stream time with 122 hours of methanation of HYGAS synthesis gas and 193 hours of steam-methane reformer gas. Feed gases were used with hydrogen/carbon monoxide molar ratios ranging from 2.2 to 9.5 and flow rates up to 1.3 million SCFD. Reactor conditions have ranged up to 750 psig and 675 exp 0 F with a variety of circulating oil flow rates. Conversion of CO as high as 100 percent have been observed. The basic operability of the process was demonstrated in the 50-fold scale-up from a smaller process development unit. Catalyst rate constants were determined and the LPM kinetic model was checked over a wide range of process conditions for three different catalysts. Information accumulated also includes extent of the shift reaction, by-product selectivities, catalyst bed fluidization and circulating oil stability. Laboratory support work included testing at least nine different catalyst formulations in the bench scale unit and the Process Development Unit. An experimental program studying the rates of carbon formation in vapor-phase methanators was conducted. Results indicate that the intrinsic physical and chemical properties of the catalyst play a much more important role in the rate of carbon formation than do the theoretical thermodynamic equilibrium boundaries for a particular synthesis gas.


p. 330.


flow rates, oil and gas, carbon