Handbook of the Laffite Society: how to find out about Jean and Pierre Laffite and the Laffite Society




Mooty, Helen D.
MacBeth, Lou Graves

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HANDBOOK OF THE LAFFITE SOCIETY How to Find OutAbout fean and Pierre Laffite And the Laffite Society! This Handbook was compiled in support of the program given at the Laffite Society general meeting on January 10,2017. Links, phone numbers, email addresses, and other specifics are correct as of the date of the presentation. Note that these are subject to change in the future. Much of the material in this Handbook is representative of what our resources have to offer. The contents are by no means exhaustive. Please take a look at all these resources, just to broaden your knowledge of our subject matter. I hope you keep this Handbook for reference when you need to find out information on the brothers Laffite or about the Society and how it operates.



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