Detailed Shoreline Monitoring, Grain Size and Total Carbon Analysis of Three Beach Sections Before and After Hurricane Alicia, Galveston Island, Texas 1983


The United States coastlines and beaches are truly some of the most beautiful in the world, especially in the beauty of their barrier islands. These dynamic islands provide a unique natural habitat for many plants and animals of the coastal marine environment as well as a place of meditation and recreation, in a special life style for man. Unfortunately, these islands are slowly disappearing due to natural causes, but primarily by the interference by man himself. Recently, however, dedicated scientists, naturalists and concerned citizens have alerted government and the general public to the causes and possible solutions to the problems of beach erosion. This thesis research is only a minute contribution to that effort, but, hopefully it reflects and further enhances the goal to save America's beaches.


1 volume


barrier islands, coastal erosion, sedimentology