Activities and resources of the Galveston Bay.




Holstrum, G.L.
Williams, W.R.

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University of Texas, Bureau of Business Research.


The purpose of the study is to analyze the value of the waters of Galveston, Trinity, East, and West Bays. Unless stated otherwise, the combined waters of the four bays are referred to as the Galveston Bay waters, or the Galveston Bay. The study consists primarily of (1) establishing categories of uses of the Bay waters, (2) determining and mapping the level of activity and geographic concentration of usage in each category, and (3) assigning feasible valuation estimates to each usage category. In addition to these primary functions, this report also discusses the types of decision-oriented analyses to which the data may be applied, and the projections of future trends which may affect usage of the Bay waters.


39 p.


natural resources, marine fisheries, oil and gas production, water resources, resource management, economics, shipping