Distribution and number of rare, endangered, and peripheral species.




Smith, J.C.

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A list of fish and wildlife threatened with extinction in Texas was prepared. A literature review of several nongame and/or endangered species of wildlife was made to provide historical information on their distribution and numbers in Texas. A mail survey of department personnel was made to determine the numbers, disposition and species of crippled raptors recovered during the last year; and to obtain the names of persons qualified to rehabilitate crippled mammals and birds. A statewide mail survey was conducted to determine bald eagle and osprey sightings. Studies of the Arctic peregrine falcon and golden-cheeked warbler were also initiated. Liaison was maintained with the red wolf recovery team, and efforts were continue to provide the public with information on the red wolf. A statewide bounty survey indicated the various bounty programs had little effect on the red wolf, kit and swift fox. Marsh animals were counted along 19 lines, involving 250 miles of waterways in southeast Texas. Field surveys were conducted of the Texas blind salamander habitat in Hays County.




rare species, endangered species, check lists, ecological distribution, geographical distribution, data collections, literature reviews, biological surveys