Capacity Expansion Model of Water Resource Facilities for a Major River System




Himmelblau DM
Lesso WG

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The objective has been to develop a practical and effective strategy for the optional expansion of a complex water resources system. Certain linear and non-linear programming techniques have been combined and extended so that they can serve as tools to improve the planning, design, evaluation, and management of complex water resources systems. An efficient computer code has been prepared to carry out some of the required numerical calculations. A mathematical model of the components of a river basin that is compatible with the optimization strategy has been prepared. Practical optimization requires suitable mathematical models of the system. An integral relationship exists between the models and the effectiveness of the scheme to optimize the system




48B Natural Resources & Earth Sciences: Natural Resource Management, Construction, Design, Flooding, Linear programming, Mathematical models, Models, Optimization, Planning, Project planning, Recreation, Reservoirs, Texas, Trinity River Basin, United States, Waste treatment, Water, Water resources