San Jacinto estuary water quality study, prepared for the Texas Water Quality Board




Civil Engineering Systems, Incorporated

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Civil Engineering Systems


Under low flow conditions the quality of the Houston Ship Channel directly effects the quality in the lower San Jacinto River. Improvement in the quality of the Houston Ship Channel will materially improve the quality in the lower San Jacinto River Basin under low flow conditions. Present waste loadings in the San Jacinto River do not substantially degrade the river water quality under flow conditions nor do they violate existing dissolved oxygen water quality standards. Future additional loadings on the order of 100 ob/day of BODu at widely separated points will not materially degrade the stream but loadings in excess of this level will violate the 4.0 ppm standard for DO upstream impact of the Houston Ship Channel on the SJR is generally the same in summer and winter but otherwise winter DO levels are substantially greater than summer DO levels as would be expected.


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dissolved oxygen (DO); wastewater; estuaries; water quality; biochemical oxygen demand (BOD)