Managing troubled waters: the role of marine environmental monitoring




Committee on a Systems Assessment of Marine Environmental Monitoring, Marine Board, Commission on Engineering and Technical Systems, National Research Council

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National Academy Press


The committee was asked to evaluate and make recommendations to improve the usefulness of monitoring information by reviewing current monitoring systems and technology, assessing marine environmental monitoring as a component of sound environmental management, and identifying needed improvements in monitoring strategies and practices. .... Chapter 1 provides background and justification for the study by discussing the perceived inadequacies of monitoring, identifying the objectives and major thrusts of this report, and describing the assessment approach in detail. The second chapter discusses the role of monitoring in environmental management, including both benefits and limitations. It examines the insitutional setting, the participants, and political influences. Chapter 3 discusses local, regional, and national monitoring and the need for coordination. Chapter 4 addresses the technical design and implementation of monitoring programs and describes a conceptual model for developing more effective and useful programs. The last chapter is the committee's conclusions and recommendations.


125 pgs.


environmental monitoring