North Sea Oil and Gas: Impact of Development on the Coastal Zone



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The following report documents the observations and findings of the staff delegation and is presented to the National Ocean Policy Study for its careful consideration. While the staff delegation does not make any recommendations for legislation, its survey of the U.K. North Sea efforts did lead to several general conclusions. First, it obtained a greater appreciation for the complexities involved in the rapid development of resources in a harsh physical environment. Second, the development of the North Sea is an enormous undertaking with significant risks involved for both public and private institutions. Third, the planning process has the potential for resolving conflicts in a pragmatic and reasoned manner. Fourth, while it is not always possible to compare the British experience with the U.S. OCS development, there are numerous similarities, and significant insight was obtained, especially with respect to the coastal zone impacts of offshore oil and gas development. Finally, a deeper appreciation was obtained by the delegation for the real differences and real similarities between the U.S. and British experiences.


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North Sea, Great Britain, offshore oil and gas development