South Padre Island, Coastal Zone Management in a Non-Urban Setting: Pilot Study



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Department of Urban & Regional Planning, Texas A&M University


The Department of Urban and Regional Planning at Texas A&M University initiated a series of pilot studies with assistance from the Department of Geology in coastal areas in order to develop general guidelines and criteria for a broader based, more comprehensive research effort to be undertaken later. The first of these studies was undertaken in an urban setting and addressed issues of Corpus Christi Beach. The present study emphasizes problems in a non-urban setting. The area selected also involves the full spectrum of natural constraints of beach development and issues peculiar to resort areas detached from metropolitan areas. South Padre Island presents a sharp contrast to Corpus Christi, therefore, a program was initiated to examine the range of problems prevalent there. The project was carried out over a period of several months in 1978, and this report presents the principal observations and findings. The South Padre Island Beach access study consisted of the following elements: a) a comprehensive assessment of the physical-geological environment followed by an analysis of man-made development, b) a series of conceptual solutions to reflect a variety of objectives, and c) technical provision for possible regulatory measures.


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coastal resort area, beach develoment, Padre Island, Texas, land use, coastal zone management