Developments in upper Gulf coast of Texas in 1977.




Trautman, T.A.

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Wells drilled in the Upper Texas Coast during 1977 totaled 1,584, an increase of 36% over 1976. Offshore development activity increased 142% from 77 wells in 1976 to 186 wells in 1977, and onshore development activity was up 51.7%. During 1977, 532 exploratory wells were drilled onshore compared to 462 in 1976. The Oligocene was the most actively explored trend, accounting for most of the significant onshore discoveries. The Cretaceous-Jurassic trend showed a 67% increase in wildcat drilling over 1976. Additionally, seismic activity sharply increased in this trend. Offshore exploratory drilling continued its 3-year decline, however, significant discoveries were reported from Miocene and upper Oligocene rocks. It is estimated that the discovery of Shipwreck field (Galveston area) will significantly increase offshore Texas gas reserves. In one federal and three state lease sales held in 1977, companies acquired 376,315 acres, predominantly bay and Gulf of Mexico tracts.


p. 1380-1389.


drilling, oil and gas production, seismology, gas reserves