Laguna Madre Project Quarterly Report - September 9, 1951 to December 31, 1951



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Texas Game and Fish Commission


This report is the first of the present investigation known as Laguna Madre Project. The investigation covers the entire Laguna Madre from Corpus Christi to Port Isabel on the Texas Gulf Coast. The project is divided into three areas and each area is covered by a biologist. Mr. Ernest Simmons in the northern Laguna Madre covers the area from Corpus Christi to Yarborough Pass. Mr. Joseph Breuer covers the area comprising all of Baffin Bay and the waters south of the bay to the north end of the land lock. My area comprises that part of the Laguna Madre from the south end of the land lock to the town of Port Isabel. The respective areas are known as northern Laguna Madre, Baffin Bay, and southern Laguna Madre. It is our intention to correlate the findings of all three biologists into one conclusive paper at the termination of this project. This paper will attempt to answer many long sought questions regarding the high productivity of fish in the Laguna Madre.


6 pages; available for download at the link below.


fisheries management