Atlas of the United States environmental issues




Mason, R.J.
Mattson, M.T.

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Macmillan Publishing Company


State by state, city by city, the Atlas presents the most up-to-date data concerning the condition of our wildlife and wilderness, natural resources and energy, agricultural lands, and urban centers. More than 130 four-color maps, photographs, charts, graphs, and diagrams illustrate concise and detailed analysis of contemporary issues and events that provide a comprehensive, spatial texture of the country's environmental condition. the Atlas is a concise overview of recent policy developments in general, easy to understand terms: the concepts and definitions that have evolved, the changing philosophies concerning conservation, preservation, and pollution management, and the laws and programs passed to reflect these changes and what congress expected them to accomplish.


252 p.


atlases, government policy, land conservation, agricultural pollution, wetlands, forest industry, coastal zone management, air quality, acid rain, water quality, solid waste, hazardous wastes, energy resources, recreation, wildlife, economic aspects, resource conservation, environmental legislation