National Management Measures Guidance to Control Nonpoint Source Pollution from Marinas and Recreational Boating


This national management measures guidance for marinas and recreational boating provides guidance to states, territories, authorized tribes, and the public regarding management measures that may be used to reduce nonpoint source pollution from marinas and recreational boating activities. The guidance is intended to provide technical assistance to state program managers and others on the best practicable means of reducing nonpoint source pollution of surface waters from marinas and recreational boating. The guidance provides background information about nonpoint source pollution from marinas and recreational boating - including where it comes from and how it enters the nation's waters - and technical information about how to reduce nonpoint source pollution from marinas and recreational boating. It also discusses the relationship of marinas to the watersheds in which they are located. The guidance can assist marina managers in identifying possible sources of nonpoint source pollution and offers potential solutions. Finding a solution to nonpoint source pollution problems at a marina requires taking into account site-specific factors that together compose the setting of a marina. The best management practices (BMPs) presented in Section 4 of this guidance are recommended based on their successful application at many marinas nationwide. Their applicability to any particular marina or situation, however, must be determined based on site-specific factors.


208 pages; available for download at the link below.


recreational boating -- pollution, marinas - nonpoint source pollution, water quality, nonpoint source water pollution, environmental protection