Evaluation of the factors influencing the results of the elutriate test for dredged material disposal criteria




Lee, G.F., J.M. Lopez, and M.D. Piwoni

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American Society of Civil Engineers


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the U.S. EPA developed the Elutriate Tests as a procedure designed to simulate the disposal of hydraulically dredged sediments with respect to the release of chemical contaminants from the sediments during disposal operations. The Elutriate Test is to be used to determine whether chemical contaminants present in the dredged sediments might have a significant adverse effect on water quality at the dredged material disposal site. It involves mixing a known volume of sediment with dredging site water for thirty minutes followed by one hour settling, centrifugation or filtration, and analysis of those soluble chemical constituents which are thought to be of significance with respect to water quality at the disposal site.


pgs. 253-288


environmental impact, dredging, centrifugation, heavy metals, plant nutrition, chlorinated hydrocarbons, environmental aspects