Standard handbook of environmental engineering




Corbitt, R.A.

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McGraw-Hill Publishing Company


Written by a team of top experts in the field, this timely handbook helps engineers and specialists put important environmental engineering principles into practice. It is an authoritative hands on reference for environmental engineers working for public works agencies, regulatory agencies, universities, and for corporations in a wide range of industries. It is also a definitive and much-needed reference for architects, planners, corporate managers, public officials, attorneys, and others who need to understand, manage, or evaluate environmental engineering technology. Principles and techniques are illustrated with over 900 tables, charts, and drawings - providing the essential technical data and helpful engineering guidelines. Individual chapters are devoted to air quality control, water supply, wastewater disposal, solid waste management, stormwater and hazardous waste management. The handbook not only provides extensive coverage of modern engineering practices, but also includes current information on legislation and quality criteria that the engineer needs to establish goals and objectives. It also provides SI and U.S. customary units throughout.


1281 pgs.


environments, engineering, handbook, environmental management, environmental legislation, construction, pollution control, hazardous wastes, stormwater runoff, waste disposal, wastewater treatment