Commercial fish and penaeid shrimp studies, northwestern Gulf Mexico.




Cody, T.J.
Rice, K.W.
Bryan, C.E. III

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From August 1975 through September 1977 the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department conducted a study in the northwestern Gulf of Mexico to monitor juvenile and adult penaeid shrimp for growth, movement and abundance for the purpose of management by season adjustment; and to evaluate the effect of seasonal closure and other regulations of the commercial fishery. We took 187 samples at night from 6-25 fm and 142 trawls during the day in 3-15 fm off the central Texas coast. The summer closed season within 3 marine leagues protected numbers of small brown shrimp but may have been more effective had waters been closed further offshore. The summer closed season also protected a portion of the spawning white shrimp population. The closed zone inside 7 fm at night protected undersized brown shrimp from May through September and small white shrimp from November through March. The winter closed season within 7 fm protected white shrimp at their smallest mean size, but undersized shrimp were present before and after the closed season.


122 p.


shrimp fisheries, penaeid shrimp, growth, abundance, migrations, local movements, white shrimp