Analysis of fish kills and associated water quality conditions in the Trinity River, Texas: review of historical data, 1970-1985




Davis, Jack R.

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Texas Water Commission


Thirteen documented fish kills occurred in the Trinity River from Dallas to Livingston Reservior between 1970 and 1985. Temporal patterns of several interrelated variables essentially explain the annual occurrence of fish kills. Aspects which effect these kills are the conditions of the fisheries, determined primarially by ambient water quality, stream flow, time lag for recovery from each kill, the ambient stream flow, and the dissolved oxygen content is also a primary cause. The historical data review was conducted for the primary purposes of (1) characterizing the maximum extent possible factors involved in the occurence of fish kills, (2) identifying informational gaps in the existing data base to facilitate the design of future field studies for filling these gaps, and (3) evaluating potential interim mitigatory techniques that might provide some relief until permanent solutions are found.


107 pgs.


fisheries, analysis, water pollution, temporal variations, fish kill, water quality