Environmental statement: Proposed 1979 outer continental shelf oil and gas lease sale 58A, western and central Gulf of Mexico. Vol. 2 of 2.




U.S. Bureau of Land Management.

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U.S. Bureau of Land Management


This proposed oil and gas lease sale in the western and central Gulf of Mexico includes 115 tracts located on the Outer Continental Shelf in federal waters offshore of the States of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. These proposed tracts comprise approximately 545,225.24 acres ranging from 3- 165 nautical miles (6-189 kilometers) from shore in water depths of 6-500 meters. Pending the Secretary of the Interior's decision, this proposed lease sale is tentatively scheduled for November, 1979. This proposed lease sale may result in incremental damage to localized marine and terrestrial bioligical organisms and habitats, air and water quality, cultural and recreational resources, commercial fishing, shipping and military operations, as a result of exploratory drilling, platform and pipeline construction, production drilling, and accidents. Alternatives, comments and a draft statement are included.


472 p.


oil, gas, offshore, marine organisms, terrestrial organisms, government policy, damage, air quality, water quality, resources, fishing, shipping, military operations, drilling, environmental effects, oil and gas, commercial fishing, pipeline construction