Occurrence of Euconchoecia chierchiae Muller, 1890, (Ostracoda, Halocyprididae) in Cedar Bayou, Chambers County, Texas

Baker JH
Jones TL
Salinas J
Wright RK
Cooper EL
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This report extends the western range of this species in the western hemisphere by 1040 km. Two juveniles, one male and one of unknown sex, were collected in a surface plankton tow on 6 January 1976 at Cedar Bayou. This species was not found in other samples collected during the same sampling period. Preserved specimens were in good condition and food was in the gut; therefore, individuals were probably alive or only recently dead at the time of collection. Water depth was 6 . 4 m, surface water temperature 10 . 7 degree C, salinity 2 . 0 SUP-o - SUB-oo , DO 9 . 2 ppm, and pH 8 . 1. Bottom salinity was 10 . 6 SUP-o - SUB-oo , water temperature 8 . 6 degree C, DO 9 . 7 ppm, and pH 8 . 2. The salinity of the intake water (2 . 0 SUP-o - SUB-oo ) was much lower than usual for the species, at least in North America; the lowest previously recorded was 14 . 9 SUP-o - SUB-oo (Hopkins 1966). Other high salinity forms were collected in the same sample, indicating that E.chierchiae was drawn into Cedar Bayou from Tabb's Bay (a branch of Galveston Bay) along with cooling water for the power plant. Salnity of mid-Galveston Bay for January, 1976, was not available, but was near 16 SUP-o - SUB-oo in December, 1975

ASW,USA,Texas,Cedar Bayou, DO, Euconchoecia chierchiae, Galveston Bay, geographical distribution, Juveniles, new records, North America, Plankton, Q1 01282 Geographical distribution, Salinity, Sampling, Specimens, Surface water, Temperature, Texas, USA, water, water depth, water temperature