The Port of Houston authority delivers the bayport terminal complex




Thomas, ET
Gilbreath, SA
Kresta, S
Vincent, ME

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The Bayport Terminal Complex, to be owned and operated by the Port of Houston Authority, encompasses approximately 1,100 acres of currently undeveloped property. The site lies south of the Bayport Ship Channel, approximately 20 miles east of Houston, Texas. The Bayport Ship Channel, which has a nominal dredged depth of -40 feet mean low tide, links the site to Galveston Bay and the Houston Ship Channel. The complex is being developed in phases over an estimated 10-20 year period, and at full development will include seven container berths, three cruise terminals, a multi-use co-development area, an intermodal railyard, and storage facilities. Construction of the facility was initiated in June 2004 with the issuance of contracts for a 60-acre container yard and approximately 2,000 feet of adjacent wharf. Subsequent container facility projects followed including an electrical substation, the gate complex, road and pipeline relocations, additional container yard, and permanent administration, maintenance, and repair buildings. In addition, construction of the first phase of the Bayport Cruise Terminal Complex, which will be completed under four separate contracts for an estimated cost totaling $85 million, began in 2006. In summary, seventeen independent construction contracts have been initiated to date as part of the Bayport facility development totaling $400-$450 million.


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