Evaluation of Deep Draft Coastal Port Designs



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The emphasis on creating port systems to accommodate larger vessels has led to a requirement for additional port and harbor design tools which can evaluate the safety of a proposed design. Recent CAORF research suggests that the application of ship simulation to deep draft channel design can provide an added dimension beyond that available from traditional design criteria. The advantage of this feature is that it provides an understanding of the interaction between the ship operator and the proposed channel system. The addition of the human variable in the context of a full-scale, real-time evaluation provides the link between the engineering design and the safe operating environment that is the goal of the port developer. This paper discusses recent CAORF research associated with evaluation of a deep draft coastal port design. The knowledge gained from the research has important consequences for similar designs both as a result of the conclusions obtained and the understanding of key issues related to deep draft coastal port designs.


14 pages


channels (hydraulic engineering), waterways, marine engineering, port design, deep draft