Genotypic diversity of Sabellid worms from carbon dioxide vents




de Guzman, Heidi Jane
Borda, Elizabeth
Schulze, Anja

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Marine carbon dioxide vents are very common in the Mediterranean Sea, especially around Italy and Greece where they typically eject volcanic fluids containing up to 1-2% hydrogen sulfide. Natural CO2 venting sites have endemic fauna unique to them, and vent communities are generally distinct from the surrounding waters. In the Mediterranean Sea, the sabellid polychaete Amphiglena mediterranea is reported as one of the most common species associated with shallow carbon dioxide vents covered with photophilic algae. The aim of this study is to determine the genotype diversity of A. mediterranea exposed to low pH conditions, from the cold carbon dioxide vents of the island of Ischia, Italy and compare it to that of populations at non-acidified control sites. Specimens were collected from four different CO2 vents sites with different pH concentrations. Genotype diversity between different populations of the Mediterranean sabellid Amphiglena mediterranea are being investigated through the use of the mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase I (COI) gene. Based on the above objective, the following null hypothesis will be tested: There is no significant difference in the genotype diversity in A. mediterranea population from acidified and non-acidified locations


Faculty advisor: Dr. Anja Schulze


marine carbon dioxide vents, Amphiglena mediterranea, genotype diversity