Economic and environmental problems and needs assessment of southeast Texas. Draft. Chapters 11-13.




Henningson, Durham & Richardson, Incorporated.

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Henningson, Durham & Richardson, Incorporated.


The purposes of these three chapters are: to present population and water requirments for each of the counties wholly or partially within the Brazos River Basin, with projections presented by decade for 1980 through 2030 (chapter 11); to assist and aid the Water and Power Resources Service (WPRS) in evaluating the extent that available water in the Brazos River Basin can supply estuarine water demands to the year 2030 by assimilating from existing data sources the freshwater inflow demands and by delineating associated environmental concerns and problems (chapter 12); and to report population and water requirements for each of the counties which are partially within the Brazos-Colorado Coastal Basin (chapter 13).


volumes 11-13


reservoirs, water supply, water use, river basins, irrigation, mining, coastal zone, estuaries, inflow, fresh water, methodology, water resources, hydroelectric power plants, environmental factors