The culture of marine fish and their use as biological monitors of water quality in ponds receiving heated discharge water from a power station.




Linder, D.R.

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Texas A&M University


This study was conducted from January 10, 1973, to March 6, 1974, with the following objectives: 1) to determine if effluent water from Houston Lighting and Power Company's Cedar Bayou Electric Power Station is suitable for the growth and survival of selected fish species indigenous to Trinity Bay by rearing these fish in ponds receiving water from the discharge canal of the power plant, 2) to investigate the maricultural potential of various marine fish and to assess the possible benefits of thermal effluents in relation to fish culture, and 3) to compare water temperature, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen to the fishes' survival in the ponds.


345 p., Thesis


fish culture, marine fish, thermal aquaculture, pond culture, water quality, growth, heavy metals, pesticides, power plants, cooling ponds