Human adjustment to the hurricane flood hazard on the Texas coast.




Davenport, Sally D.

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University of Texas at Austin


New directions must be taken in man's adjustment to the hurricane hazard. Recent research convincingly documents the need for redirected emphasis in human reaction to the natural hazards of the coast. Efforts to halt the current trends of increasing property damage and vulnerability to catastrophe from hurricanes would require changes in several areas. Redirection in government policy, planning efforts, scientific research and the attitudes of both industry and the private citizen would be necessary. This paper will examine the current efforts in the Gulf coastal State of Texas, and a selected coastal city, Galveston, to adjust to the hurricane hazard. In this manner, it is hoped to determine not only the existence of various adjustments, but their effectiveness in mitigating the hurricane hazard as well.


189 pages


hurricanes, tropical depressions, meteorology, floods, flooding, flood control, hazards