Aggie innovations: waste heat recovery system




Thiele, Sarah
Harris, Kyle
Lerick, Luke
Robbins, Ben

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Combustion engines are used to convert thermal heat into useful work, however much of this heat is rejected through the engine’s exhaust. Aggie Innovations is working on a method of recovering some of this waste heat and using it to create additional useable energy. Aggie Innovation’s Waste Heat Recovery System is composed of a sterling engine that converts the exhaust heat from a diesel engine generator into electrical power by means of a flywheel and alternator. The benefits of utilizing this waste heat are immense, in modern engines more than half of the heat created by the fuel is rejected as waste heat. The inherent economic advantage of increasing engine efficiency is that more power will be obtained when burning the same amount of fuel. The applications for such a system are endless.


Faculty Advisor: Dr. Rudy Martinez


waste heat recovery, Sterling engine