DeSoto Canyon Eddy Intrusion Study - Final Report



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United States Department of the Interior Minerals Management Service Gulf of Mexico OCS Region


During this study in-situ current measurements, hydrographic data, and satellite images were used to document and characterize LC intrusions and interactions with the northeastern Gulf. These data provide a basis for an examination of the dynamical processes of momentum, mass and vertical vorticity exchanges occurring during LC-slope interactions. Our understanding was enhanced of the frequency of LC, LC rings and secondary eddies' interactions with the northeastern slope, and the exchanges of vorticity, momentum, and mass fields associated with the eddy-slope interactions. The study helped elucidate the role of the DeSoto Canyon as it affects the LC and eddy processes as well as the Canyon being a route of mass and momentum exchange between the shelf and deep water of the northeastern Gulf.


2 volumes


shelf break, slope, transport, field measurements, sea surface temperature, sea surface height, hydrography, rings, Loop Current, DeSoto Canyon, Gulf of Mexico, circulation, eddies, physical oceanography, currents, oceanography