Distribution and Infestation of the Parasite Poecilancistrium robustum in some Texas coast fishes


Fishes were examined for parasites by fileting and dissecting the major muscle masses of the body. Standard lengths and weights were made of all fish examined. The results of all sciaenids examined are given in Table I. It is apparent that infection varies with the species of fish. Results for Larimus fasciatus, Sciaenops ocellata and Stellifer lanceolatus are insignificant since the number of specimens examined was small. Bairdiella chrysura, Cynoscion nebulosus, C. arenarius, C. nothus, and Menticirrhus americanus were heavily infected while Leiostomus xanthurus, Micropogon undulatus and Pogonias cromis were lightly infected. It is considered that the infection of one Leiostomus out of four hundred and ninety two specimens represents an accidential infection.


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fish parasites, parasites, Poecilancistrium robustum, tapeworm