Land - State Alternatives for Planning and Management



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Council of State Governments


In June 1973, the Council of State Governments created a Task Force on Natural Resources and Land Use Information and Technology, whose major purpose was to foster discussion and review of related problems and programs in these areas. A series of background papers on Land Use Policy and Program Analysis was published in late 1974 along with A Legislator's Guide to Land Management. This final report contains findings of the Task Force. The Task Force report describes the difficulties involved in land planning and management in terms which permit better evaluation by political institutions. Some of the recommendations and alternatives offered by the Task Force extend beyond the "familiar" solutions. However, many of the views expressed are similar to those previously expressed by other agencies concerned with current problems which are intergovernmental in scope. This comprehensive report should provide an invaluable contribution to understanding the complexities of land planning and management and the role of state governments in this field.


100 pages


land management, urban planning, land use