Seminar Publication - National Conference on Urban Runoff Management: Enhancing Urban Watershed Management at the Local, County, and State Levels


The purpose of this seminar publication is to make available to a much wider audience the valuable information presented at the National Conference on Urban Runoff Management. This publication comprises 53 papers that were presented at the conference. The papers address a broad spectrum of programmatic and technical topics relating to urban watershed management, including: Watershed planning; Stormwater management programs; Regulatory issues; Monitoring, modeling, and environmental assessment; Design and application of best management practices and controls; Education and information programs. The papers in this publication represent the collective knowledge and experience of many talented individuals who have developed and are implementing and supporting watershed management programs at the federal, state, county, and local level. As a result, this document will be a valuable resource to regulators, watershed management program personnel, and others interested in developing and implementing a successful urban watershed management program.


459 pages; available for download at the link below.


runoff -- management, urban runoff, watershed management, environmental protection