Report on the State of Texas Land Resource Management Element



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Texas Governor's Office of Budget and Planning


The purpose of this "Summary Report" is to respond to Congressional direction as defined in Section 701 of the Housing Act of 1954, as amended by the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974. This federal law and its implementing regulations prescribe that all applicants receiving 701 planning assistance must submit land resource management elements for the Department of Housing and Urban Development certification to continue receiving funding after August 22, 1977. The organization and content of this publication follows the format defined in the Department of Housing and Urban Development regulations published in the Federal Register on August 22, 1975 and February 1, 1977. Section I of this report provides a description of the state's land resources management system. Section II explains the approach that the State has taken in responding to federal requirements and provides a detailed description of the major functions of the State's land resources management system. Section III of this document includes the required assurances such as the environmental assessment, the historic preservation assessment, and the assurances of consistency between this document and other federal programs. Section IV contains a listing of references cited and the supporting documents which are an integral part of this report. While the primary purpose of this report is to provide the federal government with information about the State's land resources management system, this document will be a valuable synopsis of land resource program activities for decision-makers at all levels of government and in the private sector.


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land use, land resource management