Oyster culture in the state of Texas




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Historically, Texas has been the second largest producer of oysters in the Gulf of Mexico following Louisiana. It is generally recognized that in most years, 50-60% of the oysters produced in Texas come from Galveston Bay. The fishery is strictly regulated in that presently the following applies: A three inch minimum length (no more than 15% of catch can be under 3 inches long); 150 bushel daily catch limit per vessel during open season (November 1 through April 30); can only use one dredge per vessel on public grounds during open season; and there are no public seed grounds in Texas as found in Louisiana. Oyster leases are currently restricted to Galveston Bay and currently there is a moratorium on issuing new oyster leases. Transplantation efforts of oysters from one bed to another is strictly regulated by the Texas Public Health Department and under TPWD supervision. Generally, the transplantation of oysters from 'closed' areas to open areas in encouraged by the Health Department to discourage poaching from closed areas




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