Solid Waste Collection and Disposal Through Intergovernmental Cooperation



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Coastal Bend Council of Governments


Problems in solid waste collection and disposal in Bee County were identified as having potential solutions through intergovernmental cooperation. At least, solid waste management has been addressed through the cooperative involvement of two or more units of local government in recent years and the concept was singled out for investigation within the Beeville-Bee County study. In addition to identifying possible activities or services which could be pursued cooperatively by the city and county, there was an immediate need to investigate solutions for the county's solid waste disposal problems. Therefore, the study had two primary objectives: To evaluate alternative solutions and modifications to ongoing solid waste disposal activities and secondly, to identify areas of city-county cooperation in the realm of solid waste operations. Presented in the following report are the findings of this solid waste study. Of initial concern is the selection of a program of rural solid waste collection and disposal. Certain activities within the chosen solution may be suited to joint efforts by the city and county. Based on the possible solutions investigated for rural solid waste management, some avenues of intergovernmental service are discussed briefly. Information on soils, groundwater, topography, and geology is included within the text as these factors must be considered in the development of a solid waste management system.


89 pages


solid waste collection, Bee County, Texas, solid waste disposal