Hydroids of the Gulf of Mexico




Deevey, Jr., Edward S.

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U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


This paper summarizes the zoogeography of hydrozoan coelenterates in the Gulf of Mexico, excluding medusae. A checklist of all known species is included, annotated with symbols denoting geographic distribution and new records for the area. A total of 183 species of hydroids, 31 athecate and 152 thecate, are known from the Gulf of Mexico, mostly from the Tortugas and the Florida Keys. The Gulf and the Caribbean have 95 species in common, but 61 Caribbean species are unknown in the Gulf. Seventy Gulf species also occur in the eastern tropical Pacific, including 18 not yet known from the Caribbean. What is especially interesting is the occurrence in the Gulf of a significant number of boreal species, some of them seemingly disjunct in the northwestern Gulf.


pgs. 267-272


hydroids, check lists, biogeography, geographical distribution, coelenterates