Migration Study on Brown Shrimp, Penaeus aztecus (Ives), in the Lower Laguna Madre - Study of the Texas Shrimp Populations


In June 1962, 40,023 brown shrimp were stained with a fast green dye by injection through the dorsal artery. Of the shrimp stained, 37,733 survived and were released at night int he bay near Port Mansfield. The general bay movement of the shrimp was southward toward the Brazos-Santiago Pass and eastward toward the new Port Mansfield Pass. Gulf returns indicated the shrimp moved in a northerly direction after leaving the bay. It was speculated that the Gulf movement was due to onshore currents caused by prevailing southerly winds. Stained shrimp returns indicated they were moving at a rate of 0 to 1.88 miles per day.


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Laguna Madre, species migration, Penaeus aztecus, brown shrimp