Response report update to the Texas Department of Water Resources.




City of Houston, Department of Public Works/Wastewater Division

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Houston Department of Public Works, Wastewater Division


The Texas Department of Water Resources Board Order 74-0122-1 as amended by Board Order 77-0811-1, requires that the City of Houston prepare and submit semi-annual updated reports to advise the Texas Department of Water Resources of its progress toward improvements to the Wastewater collection and treatment system. The first such report was prepared and submitted in June 1974. The first report was a comprehensive inventory of the overall system inadequacies. The Board Order required that the first report include: the effective design capacity of each plant; the planned expansion for each treatment facility and the scheduling; the existing load on each facility and the anticipated load projection for a minimum of five years; the points of major overflows within the collection system; the facility responsible for the existence of collection system overflows and identification of plants or facilities which were overloaded. Additionally, the first report was to set forth remedies for correcting problems including project scope, financing, scheduling and the degree of load growth retarding measures to be taken by the City. The first report was submitted to the Texas Department of Water Resources (formerly the Texas Water Quality Board). It was accepted and approved as meeting the terms of the Board Order.


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water resources, wastewater treatment, data reports, water quality, water quality management