A study of the fauna of the brown shrimp (Penaeus aztecus Ives) grounds in the western Gulf of Mexico.




Hildebrand, H.H.

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Between October 20, 1950 and August 8, 1951, I studied the bottom fauna on the shrimp beds in the western Gulf of Mexico, as sampled by the trawls of the shrimping fleet. Fifteen trips were made on eleven boats and two months, two weeks and five days were spent at sea. Two hundred and twenty-five trawl hauls were made, covering a period of nine days and nine hours of continuous trawling. Specimens were identified and counted at sea and some were brought ashore for further study. A total of 430,000 fishes and 1,749,000 invertebrates was counted. These included 157 species of fishes, 104 invertebrates and two ascidians. A large number of species new to the Mexican coast were recorded and nine fishes and ten invertebrates new to the western Gulf were recorded.


p. 225-366.


trawl nets, brown shrimp, Penaeus aztecus, marine organisms, marine fish, marine invertebrates, check lists