Regional assessment study, Houston Ship Channel - Galveston Bay; baseline profile (January 1975)




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Bernard Johnson, Incorporated


The regional assessment study of the Houston Ship Channel-Galveston Bay area, sponsored by the National Commission on Water Quality, has as its objective assessment of the impact of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendments of 1972, PL 92-500, 86 Stat. 816, on this region. These impacts include the technological, social, economic, environmental, and institutional aspects of achieving the requirements and goals of this Act. The report herein, entitled "Baseline Profile" represents the first of two phases of study effort called for by the Commission in accomplishing the regional assessment study for this area. The Baseline Profile Report characterizes the Houston Ship Channel-Galveston Bay study area in terms of the historical and existing social, economic, environmental, and institutional organization in the area. It also presents the prevailing water quantity, quality, and use patterns as well as the water control technologies that have historically typified the study area. It is intended that the data compiled for preparation of the Baseline Profile serve as the basis for executing the second phase, "Analysis" of the regional assessment study. A review of the Table of Contents reveals that the Baseline Profile Report is organized into the following chapters: Chapter I - Water Quantity, Quality and Use; Chapter II - Control Technologies; Chapter III - Economic and Social Baseline Profile; Chapter IV - Essential Elements of the Environmental Profile of the Galveston Bay Area; Chapter V - Institutional Analysis; Chapter VI - Geographic Sub areas Recommended for Further Analysis; Chapter VII- Water Quality Issues; Chapter VIII - Methodologies Recommended for Further Analysis.



water quality, environmental legislation, legal aspects, environmental impact, economics, geography, hydrology, water pollution, pollution, estuarine ecology, environmental impact statements