Evaluation of the impacts of turtle excluder devices (TEDs) on shrimp catch rates in coastal waters of the United States along the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic, September 1989 through August 1990




Renaud, Maurice, Gregg Gitschlag, Edward Klima, Arvind Shah, Dennis Koi, and James Nance

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U.S. Dept. of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Marine Fisheries Service, Southeast Fisheries Center, Galveston Laboratory


Trained National Marine Fisheries Service observers collected information on catch rates of shrimp and finfish aboard commercial shrimp vessels. Data from March 1988 through July 1989 comparing TED-equipped nets (Georgia TEDs with and without accelerator funnels) and standard shrimp nets were reported in May 1990 (Phase I). Data from September 1989 through August 1990 comparing TED-equipped nets (Super Shooter TEDs and Georgia TEDs, both with accelerator funnels) and standard shrimp nets are presented in this report (Phase 2). Specific objectives of the TED evaluation program were to: 1) Compare catch rates of shrimp from TED-equipped trawls and from standard trawls without TEDs in representative shrimp fishing areas of the Gulf and Atlantic coasts of the U.S. by season, 2) Provide data, results and analytical methods utilized in the study to the NMFS Economics Analysis Branch for use in an economic evaluation of impacts of TEDs.


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turtle excluder devices (TEDs), shrimp, shrimp fisheries, catch statistics, finfish, finfish fisheries, fisheries, fishery protection